Summercamp July 20.-25.2021, registration is open

Why should you join us?


Your skating skills will improve

Ulla and Tom have both been international skaters and have mastered the school figures. Figures are the base foundation of figure skating, focusing on properly executed edges and turns. You will learn to better understand the foundation of the turns that lead to better step sequences and body alignment in jumping. When you can master the turns it will allow you to jump better!


Elegance & Rhythm

Tom is a world reknown choreographer and has also studied classical music, playing the Oboe. His group enrichment classes will teach you the elegance of movement and rhythm while all the steps, turns and body movements are done with music - learning phrasing, rhythm and dynamic change.


Better self confidence

Ulla holds a Masters degree in Sport Science and Counseling. She will use her knowledge of biomechanics and psychology to help you execute your jumps and spins better. Learning to train your mind, as well as technique, will develop more confidence and improve your self training autonomy. You will compete better when you improve your understanding of how the mind and body work together!

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Registration is open!