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Kalajoki Summer Skating Camp!

June 6-16, 2021

Our groups are based on the level skaters are according to the age and level they compete. We have group enrichment classes ( basic skating, stroking, steps, turns, spirals, field moves) once a day. Then we have 2 technical sessions and free ice time for skaters to take private lessons or to run their programs. During the technical sessions you work in a group your technique with jumps and spins which are also done to the same basics as school figure technique. You will then understand why its so important to lean a proper three turn in order to do perfect jumps and spins Normally we have daily off ice: One off ice for dancing, improving your choreo and movement/ musical skills and an other off ice training to improve your physical abilities like stamina, strength, speed, agility and flexibility, as well as your ability to train your jumps 

Tom working with Olympic champion Evan Lysacek

Why should you join us for our camps?


Your skating skills will improve

Ulla and Tom have both been international skaters and have mastered the school figures. Figures are the foundation for our sport but espesially the basic skating, edges and turns. You will learn to understand the technique and foundation of the the turns. When you master the turns it will also help you to jump better!


Elegance & Rhythm

Tom is a world reknown choreographer and he has also studied music. His group enrichment classes will teach you elegance of the movement, phrasing and rhythm while all the steps, turns and body movements are done to music. 


Better self confidence

Ulla has her Masters in Sport Science and in counseling. She will use her knowledge of biomechanics and psychology to improve you jumps and spins. You will also become more confident and improve your learning/training autonomy in skating when you understand what and why you are suppose to do while you jump and spin..


Luistelukoulu käynnissä vielä toukokokuun ajan!

Kalajoen taitoluistelijoiden luistelukoulu jatkuu toukokuun loppuun saakka eli viimeinen luistelukoulu on maanantaina 31.5.


Kalajoen taitoluistelijat toteuttaa leiritoimintaa yhteistyössä European Skating Academyn kanssa.

Figure skating summer camp 2021

This summer we have two international summer camps in Kalajoki, Finland The first summer camp is June 6th till the June 16th 2021 Second summer camp is in July 20th till the July 30th 2021
Kalajoen Taitoluistelijat ja Keskusvaraamo yhteistyössä

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